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"My head would explode if I even began to know what I was talking about."

So here's the first episode of a new show for my channel "Everything I Know (About Things I Know Nothing About)" where I explain topics I'm not at all familiar with, whether my information is correct or incorrect. This episode deals with "Doctor Who". Please note that not all my new shows will be done in this "slide show" style, but I figured it worked well for this one. This video wasn't that hard to make, and if it gets any views, I will make some more.

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"I love the Power Glove. It's so bad."

Here's a few game videos I've been working on

The first is of a game called "Captain America and the Avenegers" I made with my sister for her channel

The second is of me playing "Love Hina Advance". This isn't one of my best videos, but it killed some time while I was working on other things.

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"There's some children who have stopped caring!"

So a while back, I made a post about watching the manliest anime I own; (Gurren Lagann) at the same time I was watching the girliest anime I own (the title of which remained a mystery. However, since my friends already found out, if anyone asks, I will reveal it in the comments) Here is the post I am talking about, in case anyone was curious: (http://animedude.livejournal.com/177564.html) I also mentioned that the experience inspired me consider making a youtube video about it. My original idea was describe the first episode of each in an exaggerated way, then mix them together, having them contrast each other. I'm still trying to work out the script for that, I've gone through a few ideas. I've even considered playing different characters on it. But I had an idea for another video with the same concept, so it looks like that one video is becoming two. Usually I see if a video does well before I start work on another of the same idea. That way I can pull a network exec and drop an idea if it doesn't fair well. But I'm gonna pull a George Lucas and plan on doing two before I know how well they will fair. You can't stifle my artistic vision!

So why am I telling you all this? Well, like I said, I had another idea for a second video. The only problem was it means I'd have to watch My Little Ponies. Yes, you read that right. But let me explain. Recently on the HUB channel, a new Transformers cartoon called "Transformers: Prime" started. Nearly at the same time, a new My Little Ponies cartoon called "My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magical" started to air on the same channel. Any of you who were around in the 80's knows that this exact same thing happened then too. The original Transformers cartoon and the original My Little Pony cartoon were on TV at the same time. Back then there was no internet, many families only had one TV and even the VCR was some years off from being affordable for everyone. So in houses with little sisters, this lead to fierce battles for the remote control. I had these kinds of battles. So did psipsy. Often it was not a battle you could always win. So many MANY little boys were forced to watch MLP instead of Transformers on more than one occasion. Nowadays, kids don't have that problem. Not only are these shows now on the same channel, with TiVo, the Internet and houses generally have more than one TV, little boys no longer have to deal with being force-fed multi-colored equines. But the idea of Transformers being My Little Ponies polar opposite mortal rival has lived on. I'd be surprised if that wasn't part of the reason why both shows had revivals at the same time. Since I already had the idea for a show comparing girly to manly things, I figured "Why the fuck not" and decided these two new shows would be perfect for the premise. The only problem is, I'd have to watch the first episode of My Little Ponies. Only this time, it wouldn't be forced on me. I would have to do it completely under my own volition. My dignity, my pride and my very masculinity would be in serious danger the entire time.

I knew I was in trouble when I brought up that there was a new MLP show to my younger sister, the one who made me watch all those ponies in the past. Her response? "Yeah. It looks gay." Oh, boy, this was going to be fun. But I'm an adult now. If I survived doses of Ponies as a child, surely I could do the same now. Still, I wasn't taking any chances with this. I was going power through that episode of ponies as quickly as possible and I was going to watch FIVE episodes of Transformers and RoboCop just for good measure. So I watched the first episode and then immediately check my pants to make sure my reproductive organs where still present. They were and are. But then there was a small problem. You see, the first episode of MLP is two-parter. While I technically did what I set out to do, I was now forced with the choice. Do I finish the story of the first episode? I'd be putting myself in more danger of being sissified, but it'd really help the video if I had the full story. So I went to the store, bought a bag of beef jerky and found ever single action movie I owned, ready to start a marathon sheer masculinity after the final second of Ponies ended. Needless to say, I survived the ordeal. I hope my sacrifice and effort helps create a funny video.

So while I wanna save some of my good jokes for the video, there's a few things I wanna address. First off, most of the cast aren't even ponies. A lot of them are Unicorns and Pegasuseses... Pegasi? But this isn't anything new, the old show even have Sea ponies that looked like sea horses. Even though sea horses are only called horses. Another thing that annoyed me was that world is full of things which doesn't make sense for a society of intelligent ponies to have. For example the first thing we see is a pony named Twilight who's in a library. A Pony library. Um... what? Who wrote all those books? Ponies don't have fingers to work a typewriter, printing press or even a pencil. Where the fuck did these books come from? And why would they have books in the first place? How would they turn the pages? Also, in the land of Equestria, there's one sole ruler. But she is called Princess Celestia. Princess? She's the ONLY royalty, aside from her evil sister. As a wise man once said "She's not a princess, she's a Queen. Queen it up, bitch!" And while we are on the subject of royalty in Ponyville... Oh dear Lord, listen to me. I can seriously feel my body trying absorb my testicles! I'd better stop while I'm still able to grow facial hair... I'll let you guys know when said videos are posted.
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"Is this a happy ending or a sad ending? It's an ending, that's enough!"

Ok, I gotta say something. I mentioned a while back that was I was watching an anime called Gurren Lagann and that I was really enjoying it. I also mentioned I was near the end. Well, I promise this is the last time I'm gonna make a post about it, but there's something I need to get off of my chest. Namely about the ending. If you haven't seen the end of the show, I suggest you don't read this, as it will obviously contain spoilers. It's still an awesome show that deserves a watch, even considering everything I'm about to say. Even if you don't think the show would be your cup of tea, I'd still suggest not reading this unless your the type of person who doesn't mind spoilers. Just fair warning. Saying that, I know that will probably mean absolutely no one will read this. But at this point, I don't mind. I was originally going to tell patamon about it, but she's been busy with a new job. So all this outrage's gotta go somewhere. I will go ahead and cut this now.

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Mega Kirby

"What does he think this is, a cartoon?!"

I guess it's time to make a post. Just a warning, I wrote this spur of the moment without thinking about it, so it's probably going to be all over the place and nonsensical, just like me!

Things have been going ok recently. The weather has started to warm up and the plants have also started to grow. While this makes things look nicer, it also aggravates my allergies. I always hated that I have to have a runny nose just because flowers won't stop having sex with each other. Damn you, Bill Nye for teaching us that what we are breathing in basically amounts to plant sperm! But either way, warm weather and greenery always make me feel better, so this is still good. I am more motivated to get up and do things now with sunny weather, but in this state, it pretty much rains all of April and May. But neither of those two things have been bothering me yet, so I should just enjoy it for now. Maybe I'll go to a park or something, sit on a bench and be all philosophical about which body organ is better to listen to, the brain or the heart.

Lately I've been watching two different anime that I've really been enjoying. The first one is called "Gurren Lagann". This series, in short, will put some hair on your chest. Seriously. Women who are ovulating should be careful watching it, as it's sheer awesome masculinity might render them pregnant just from looking at it. But besides the sheer machismo of it, it's actually a really cool action series with awesome characters and some good messages behind it. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite series. I've found myself excited over an anime for the first time in a long time, wanting to know what happens next in the story. It reminds me of why I'm an anime fan in the first place. The last time that happened, I think I was watching Onegai Twins. The other anime, I can't tell you the title of, because it goes against what kinds of anime I usually watch, as it's more intended for girls than guys. Nevertheless, all I can say is that I've found it enjoyable. I am nearing the end of both series, only 4 more episodes of both to go. And no, the irony of me watching the manliest anime I own at the same time as watching the girliest anime I own is not lost on me and I'm thinking of making another Youtube video about it.

Speaking of Youtube videos, I am going to start doing that again soon. I've been saying I wanted to do some anime reviews for a long time, and I'm finally started making progress toward that. I decided on a Tenchi Muyo spin-off thing (of which there is about five billion) for my first episode. I originally had something else in mind, but after struggling with the script for a while, I decided to pick something else to do. It seems to be working much better. The ideas are coming in faster and I've started typing up a script for it, plus getting footage from the episode. But it's taking longer than expected because of some computer problems I've been having. To be honest, I'm a little worried people might not find my reviews very funny, but all I can do is believe in myself, give it my all and shoot for the heavens. That's how Team Gurren rolls! I also have other ideas which I need to work on, but that if I try top spread my attention too thin, I'll just get distracted by something shiny. We'll just see how the public reacts to my first video first.

Other than that, nothing really really going on. I went to see about donating plasma for money (so it's not really "donating", but I digress) to pay for an anime I wanted to buy called "Kanokon". It's about a girl with fox ears who befriends and sexually harasses a high school boy. It's as awesome as it sounds. But I really HATE needles, so I should really find out if I can make some money for that some other way. Ways that DON'T involve my bodily fluids. Since the weather has been warming up, I should probably start looking for a job soon. But the market out there is still pretty shitty. I think I will apply to be the ticket booth guy at the zoo. That could be fun.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go put this finishing touches on both my script for my anime review and my Nerf gun holster. Oh yeah, I'm a productivity machine...

"An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have."

Since I've had ADHD all my life, and I've had a lot of free time on my hands lately, I sometimes go off on crazy projects. Most of them never get finished, but every so often, I can produce something really cool. So recently I got it into my head to mod some Nerf guns. Apparently there is a huge community of teens and young adults who enjoy tinkering with nerf guns. So I decided to give it a shot myself. I started with a Nerf "Maverick", a handgun style blaster, which is also one of the easiest to mod. I worked on the insides to remove the restrictions that keep kids from putting eyes out, but then I decided to give it a pain job too. So here's what the gun looks like normally: Collapse )

And here's what my paint job looks like:Collapse )

I went with an oldey-time steampunk theme with this one. I used metallic spray paints (which, according to the label, will make you incredibly high if you don't use them in a wind tunnel) for most of it, with some paint from Hobby Lobby for the details. I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with the results. The gun still works like it should, although it's a little harder to close after reloading now. I think sometime soon, I'll make another one, but with a more futuristic theme. That way I can dual-wield, and work on my Gunkata!


"Disregard females. Acquire Pokémon."

Ha HA! Teenage girls are stupid!

Edit: I also posted this in the comments.

"Man, everyone knows girls don't play pokemon. Only real men who eat steel girders and shit out fully functional muscle cars know how to properly train a pokemon! When me and my Charizard "Hellboy" fly into battle, the sky turns pitch black, heavy metal music plays in the background and any women who happen to be ovulating are in serious danger of becoming pregnant just from LOOKING at the sheer masculinity of it! THE SHEER MASCULINITY OF IT!!"

That's right. Everyone on youtube just got told.
TJ & E Jammin

"What we have here is a failure to communicate!"

So like most of you have probably done, I got real bored tonight and decided to fool around with babel fish translator. Taking a phrase in English, translating it to another language, and then back to English. Here's the results of this waste of time.

English: Samil is an awesome guy. He once punched a giant monster in the face.
French: Samil is an impressive type. It in the past punched a giant monster in the face.

German: Samil is an impressively chap. It punched once an enormous monster in the face.

Spanish: Samil is an impressive individual. It perforated once to a giant monster in the face.

Italian: Samil is an impressive type. It has once perforated a giant monster in the forehead.

Portuguese: Samil is an impressive individual. A giant monster in the face perforated a time.

Dutch: Samil are a spared awaking guy. He beat once large monster in the face.

Russian: Samil imposing guy. It once broke through gigantic monster in the side.

Chinese: Samil is a formidable person. He had once attacked fiercely a face giant monster.

Greek: Samil is a terrible type. Punctured a time a giant monster in the person with piercing machine.

Japanese: Samil is the person of the just you are surprised. He struck the enormous monster of one time surface.

Korean: Samil is the highest guy. He the monster which is enormous there is to one face bored the hole.