October 22nd, 2008


"Hover boards don't work on water!"

Time for a few more pictures.

Current wallpaper at work:


I work in a video game store that also buys and trades stuff. However when someone bring something in that's too badly worn to take, their responce is usually "throw it away." Anyway, to deter homeless people from going through our garbage, we've been told to break anything we throw away to keep it from coming back into the store. They should have know not to give me a reason to preform wanton destruction!

Where once stood a proud Xbox controller now is a pile of broken failure.

My friend went to Arizona for some kind of family get together and got us these little cacti. Pedro the Cactus now resides on my window.

This flower is outside my window. I can see him whenever I'm on my computer and he really stands out against the rest of the drab surroundings. He's the only flower out there. He looks lonely too.

In other news, I vow to make this day as eventful as possible. Wish me luck.
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