September 17th, 2008

Konata Shock

"I demand an explination for this faggotry!"

So apprently, I left an LJ session logged in at the computer at work, and
petshopboy1983 took it upon himself to spam my journal. This is not the first time this has happened, as in

I find it curious that he chose to use gay porn, which shows he must have a rather large collection of it in his possession. In any case, should you have been unfortunate enough to see any of those posts, I applogize for petshopboy1983 immature behavior and his love of penises in his mouth. I will be keeping any eye out for any future shenanigans until I return to work on Thursday to give him a royal ass-kicking. If I should miss any of them, please alert me, and they will be removed. Also, please take it upon yourself to fuck with petshopboy1983 as you see fit. That is all.


I really wish I could beat this 9th dungeon on Zelda. But I lack manly skills and as a result will go back to reading my novella.

Also. Babylon 5 is the best TV show ever.


The preceding was another hijack. After some MacGuyver-like moves, I believe I have the situation under control, now. However, I will leave this post as an example of my friend's infinite measure of homosexuality, and because it contains a number of humorous references.

Reference #1: I had been playing Legend of Zelda on my computer with the intent of beating the game. If you look far enough back, there may even be an entry on it. However, when it came to the second to last dungeon, I found it impossible to beat.I have no lack of manly skills. Dungeon 9 is a physical impossibility, like solving a Rubik's cube. I decided to take a break from playing it for a while, but recently I found that I had lost my game save on my computer. I am currently attempting to beat the game on my Gameboy Advance. I am at Dungeon 6 as of this post.

Reference #2: A while back, I brought one of my Onegai Twins LIGHT NOVELS to work on a slow day. My friend and co-worker Garrett, assumed it was a manga, and was surprised to find it wasn't. He kept calling it a "novella", and I immediately corrected him, explaining the difference between a "light novel" an a "novella", of which there are many, such as light novels having illustrations dispersed throughout. It became sort of a running joke for him to get these two mixed up and for me to explain to him why he's a dang'd fool.

Reference #3: Babylon 5 is a Sci-fi show my friends are currently watching. It also sucks. That's all you need to know. XD
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