December 22nd, 2007


Yo DJ, Pump this Party!

First things first. My power came back Friday evening. Been hanging tight since then. But since I told most people through IM, I put off posting it here. But everything is back to the status quo.
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And now for what I originally started writing this post for. Since I can't get anything for anyone for Christmas, the least I can do is rock your fucking socks off. So I've made an awesome X-mas Mix Tape; just a collection of silly Christmas songs I had around.

This "cover art" took me over 9000 hours in MS Paint.
Mix Tape cover art

"Mix Tape" just sounds cooler than "track assortment" or "playlist", but I assure you it's MP3. Just click the link and download the zip. Songs within. Some of these songs are awesome, some are awesomely cheesy and stupid, so I don't want any infantile "your music sucks" stuff. The main point of this is comedy. To drive the point home let’s make it all legal sounding. The tracks expressed within this Mix Tape do not necessarily reflect the personal preferences in the genre, artist, album, style or flavor of the posters own preferred music. If anyone downloads this, I will make a new one. But this time not just of music, but with all sort of computer goodies. I just hope that some of this silly songs cheer some of you up. Making people laugh is one of the things I do well and it makes me feel good too. So If I can't give anyone something material, at least I can brighten their day a little.

Anyway to all the people this journal, the people I know personally and people I just know online. Thanks for being my friend and putting up with my shenanigans. I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday and new year. Hell, I hope you have a super fantastic rest of the year too.