December 13th, 2007


Fuck you, Winter. Fuck you.

Well well well. First off, I just releized I never said anything about getting back from vacation. I did, safe and sound, around the 27th of Novemeber. i had fun, but sadly all my problems were waiting for me when I got back. I was in the process of writing a post about it when something came up. Sunday night Tulsa and a bunch of other little neighboring towns got hit with a big storm. Freezing rain made about an inch of ice gathered on a bunch of stuff. Most trees and powerlines got too heavy and simply snapped. Long story short, a bunch of people, myself included, haven't had electricity since Monday morning. As such, I havent been online much. Can't post much more, since I'm in a a college library and they have signs posted all over that say "If we catch you looking at Youtube, Myspace or LiveJournal We WILL kill you and string your body up in the lobby as an example." You don't fuck with the Library. They know everything. EVERYTHING. The Power company claims the power should be back on for everyone by next week. I'm hoping much sooner than that. Of course I will post more about this once it does as well as more about my vacation. But trying to keep warm is my main concern at the moment.

P.S. I just felt I should point out that thanks to LJs "Plus Account" (i.e. Wwe spam the hell out of your journal so you don't have to pay for extras.) Tohru for Fruits Basket has been staring at me this whole time.
I don't know if she's smiling like that to comfort me, or mock me, but I think it has more to do with her wanting me to know that the Boxset has a "new lower price!" and that I am free to watch the first three episodes by clicking here! She should know that I already own it-
I mean... What's Fruit's Basket? I don't watch that stuff! I am ALL man! Shut up! I'll kill you!