October 4th, 2007


"There is no way in Hell that I'm gonna record in this dump!"

Next up on my exposé on people who apperently have more free time than I do I tackle the fan favorite "Fandubs".

While most of you are probably familar with fansubs, you might be suprised to find out there are actually people out there who actually record their own dub tracks for anime. This has been around since atleast the late 90's when I first come in contact with a (particulally bad) fandub of Kodomo no Omocha. The other day I stumbled on a group that was fandubbing Lucky Star. For those of you who have been living on Mars farming oxygen bugs and havent seen the show, here is a fansubbed clip with original Japanese audio:

Now here is the same clip fandubbed:

With fansubs, since most of the "actors" have little to no training or experience, and since their pool of actors is limited to their friends and relatives, most end up sounding as amaturish as they are. However some, like this group's, often come off as "not bad" sounding. Atleast Konata doesnt sound like a 40 year old woman. Seeing this, I think Lucky Star could work well dubbed, so I hope it gets picked up by someone in the future. Hell, I hope somone picks up the manga too.

Here are more clips, showing a wider array of "actors".
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