October 2nd, 2007



This was funny as hell at 4 AM.

Edit: Nope, this was still funny as hell at 2 PM.

Ahh, back when South Park and the Simpsons was still funny. Thems were the days. Using Lucky Star just adds to the awesomeness cocktail. Konata is your God. However, it loses a million points for having subtitles on it. What makes this even funnier to me is that I've actually said "What for? It doesn't hurt anybody! Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck!" to someone in a public setting. It's a funny story actually, I'll post it if anyone asks. XD

Edit: BONUS VID!!!!!

Konata is still your God. Because she does what she wants! This one would be better if it had added the "I digitally put Jabba the Hutt back into the old Star Wars! Whateva! Whateva!"