September 27th, 2007


"We already tried that in the late 90's with lowercase 'e's!"

While trying to clean out my computer, I stumbled upon some old notepad files. I usually jont down things that think of because I always seem to forget them. Anyway, this particular word pad had somehting I had worked out in my head, but never posted about. A while ago, I had an argument with my friend's girlfriend over the overpricedness and impraticality of Apple's iPhone. I felt that $500 was pretty steep for a cellphone, regardless of it's capabilites, and that said capabilites are vasty overrated. Not only that, but unless someone is a cyborg, they do not need to be wired up to the interweb 24 hours a day. It only makes sense if you're someone like a high-profile defence attorny, trying to close the deal on the biggest case of the year; NOT some college kid surfing their Myspace page durring class. I also said you could probably buy all sorts of other things with that much money. She, being a girl, disagreed, siteing that... Well, she didn't really site anything. He just insisted that she was willing to pay such an outrageous price for a wafer-thin peice of plastic and microchips that would probably be stolen or snapped in two within a week.

Anyway, later I got to thinking, what could you buy with the money and iPhone costs? I worked some of it out and put it on a notepad, then as explained forgot about it. Since I haven't been posting much, I though "what the hey" and am posting that list. Since my math skils are admittedly poor, I posted the prices with which a came to the conculsion with. Assuming an "iPhone" is $500 (US), you could buy the following things with the same amount:
1000 Arcade plays ($0.50 each)
500 cheeseburgers ($1 each)
56 movie tickets (at $9 "full price")
72 movie tickets (at $7 "matinee price")
50 mangas ($10 each)
39 CDs (at $12.99 each)
25 DVDs (at $20 each)
20 video games (at $25 each)
5 Gamboy SPs (at $100 each)
4.2 Nintendo DSs (at $120 each)
3.33 PSPs ($150 each)
2 Nintendo Wiis ($250 each)
1.60 Xbox 360s (at $300 each for the "Core System")