March 13th, 2007


With BLAST PROCESSING, bitches!!

A couple more classic Sega commercials.

Notice how Sonic doesnt start flashing if there is more that two things on screen.

This one actually gets cut off too soon but I couldnt find the full one, it ends by saying "If you dont mind getting... sucked dry." follwed by the classice "sega scream."

This one represents exactly how I feel about one of my transactions with Nintedo. Here's to the 100 bucks I spent on a GBA SP. Nice of them to release the DS less than a year later... and by "nice" I mean "extremly shitty"

Also some Game Gear commercials.

Funny thing is, I think that's the dude from Mallrats.

Took Nintendo 7 years to get the message about color, then another 5 to give us backlight.