I'm a super fightin' robot from the year 2010! (animedude) wrote,
I'm a super fightin' robot from the year 2010!

"Genius always needs an audience."

I've been reading some Sherlock Holmes lately, and thus somehow wandered onto some websites with different Riddles on them. One that came up a lot was something called "Einstein's Riddle." According to most sources, Albert Einstein wrote it near the beginning of the 1900's and claimed that only 2% of the population could solve it. However we now know that isn't true because I just solved it on my first attempt. Seriously. I will scan the sheet of paper I solved it on if anyone wants proof.

Here is the riddle if any of you wanna take a crack at it. (http://www.manbottle.com/trivia/einstein_s_riddle)

This is my actual response to solving the riddle correctly moments ago:

More of my response to solving the riddle:
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