I'm a super fightin' robot from the year 2010! (animedude) wrote,
I'm a super fightin' robot from the year 2010!

Writer's Block: The Royal Wedding

If you were invited to the Royal Wedding, what gift would get the bride and groom?

First off, let me say all this hub-bub over the royal wedding is a little silly. Especially considering I'm hearing about it in a country when it means even LESS than what it does in England (where it means very little). The British royal family doesn't DO much of anything anymore. It's like I say, you're not really a king unless you can point at someone and say "Off with their heads!" and have your guards follow through on that.

But ok, I'll play your little game. I've been invited to one of the snootiest, whitest things to happen this century. I'm probably wearing an uncomfortable suit, uncomfortable dress shoes and I can't bring my gameboy. So,I'm expected to give a gift, right? Me, the unemployed American is expected to give the richest people in their while country a gift. Ok fine. I choose the twin companion cubes. (http://store.valvesoftware.com/product.php?i=S0103) I'm going to assume the prince has played Portal, because play video games is all I'd do with the tonnes of disposable income and untold amounts of free time he has.

Now everyone, shut the hell up about the English royal family until one of them dies.
Tags: writer's block
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