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Well, it's clear that I am simply not using this website as much as I used to, and it is simply not as active as it used to be. However, I'm not going to be taking down this journal or removing it, and I'd still like to stay in contact with those I have made friends with here. So I am leaving my contact information up for everyone. If you'd like to contact me on any other service I list here, feel free to do so. Or you may leave a comment on this post. I still read all my comments and reply to them. In the meantime, I have not completely abandoned this journal, and I will still make posts to it sporadically. I hope to speak to all of you again soon, so please drop me a line.

You can send me a regular old boring email at either:

The yahoo mail gets checked more often, if that helps you.

In addition, I have these messenger services

AIM: animedude120
Yahoo: animedude360
Skype: animedude360
Steam: wemustkungfufight

I also have accounts on the following websites which you can use to contact me:


Or you can leave a comment or message me through my Youtube channel:

I will update this post as things change or I get more methods of contact. Last updated: (03/20/15)
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Game shopping quick guide

Since I could not for the life of me figure out how to post a journal entry on Facebook, I will post this here for my own reference as well as for anyone looking at my Amazon wishlist. This is just a quick list of the video games for old systems I should look for when I'm out looking for old games. If anyone is viewing this from my Amazon wish list, let me break down a few things. One, you don't have to buy these games from Amazon. Often times you can find them cheaper in used game stores, thrift stores and flea markets, or just from people selling things at garage sales and the like. As all these games are old, they should be "used". Don't buy games from this list marked as new. Games this old being sold as "new" makes it an expensive collectors item. Secondly, I do not collect game boxes, so don't bother looking for those. Games in the box are often way more expensive than loose carts. If it's advertised as "CiB" (complete in box) or ""NiB" (new in box) ignore it unless it's dirt cheap. Thirdly, some of these games are harder to find than others. I have marked some of them (uncommon) or (rare) for my own reference. Since this is my own list, not every game I have marked this way is actually hard to find. This is simply to denote to myself that the price is higher for these games. For example, Super Mario 2 is an easy game to find in stores, but its price is higher than that of other easy-to-find games. Since I am a casual collector, most of the games I have listed here are VERY common and should not exceed more than 10 dollars. Every game I collect I do so for personal reasons. Because I have memories of the game or because I want to play them again or for the first time. None of the games I have listed should EVER be purchased for more than $30 USD, as that is my cut-off price for a single game, and even that is a hard price to justify. The games I have marked "rare" will obviously be more expensive than ones marked "uncommon" on average. For games that were released on multiple systems, my preferred system is Sega Genesis, because it is the system I grew up with. This works out, as Genesis games tend to be cheaper on average than their SNES counterparts. Lastly, if anyone reading this owns any of these games and would like to sell or get rid of some of them, leave a comment or email me! ( I will edit this list as needed.

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"Genius always needs an audience."

I've been reading some Sherlock Holmes lately, and thus somehow wandered onto some websites with different Riddles on them. One that came up a lot was something called "Einstein's Riddle." According to most sources, Albert Einstein wrote it near the beginning of the 1900's and claimed that only 2% of the population could solve it. However we now know that isn't true because I just solved it on my first attempt. Seriously. I will scan the sheet of paper I solved it on if anyone wants proof.

Here is the riddle if any of you wanna take a crack at it. (

This is my actual response to solving the riddle correctly moments ago:

More of my response to solving the riddle:
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(no subject)

The other day I spent 14 hours in a theater seat to see the Incredible Hulk punch a giant spaceship to death. I got the worst case of butt-numbness ever experienced by any mortal being. I had to eat dinner at 3AM. I will never know a woman's touch. But all that doesn't matter. Not one bit. Because I SAW THE HULK PUNCH A SPACESHIP TO DEATH!

The world is free to end now.
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(no subject)

Working on a new post, haven't really had much to say lately as not much has changed. In the meantime, have this video. It is now my life's mission to consume one of these.


Happy (late) Halloween!

Here is a short review of the "Paranormal Activity" franchise I did over the holiday weekend. It took me a while to get this one edited and uploaded because of current computer problems, which I might talk about in a later post. I hope everyone had a fun Halloween.